Driving growth for Martech platform provider, Reporting Ninja, by quadrupling their visibility in 12 months.

Project Highlights

Organic Users
Organic Conversions

The brief

Reporting Ninja has successfully built a brand and product within the Martech sector where they focused purely on reporting software for PPC.

Until recently, Reporting Ninja had been consistently growing but started to face stiff competition from those with large marketing budgets.

When Reporting Ninja’s spoke to Common Ground their brief was clear and precise – Increase organic visibility, traffic, and ultimately SQLs as quickly as possible.

The Solution

The four key elements that drove that revenue growth.


SEO Strategy: We quickly identified that the brand had focused solely on bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) visibility reducing brand awareness throughout the buying cycle.


Content Improvements: Initially, we focused on improving and expanding BOFU content with additional pages targeting users actively looking to purchase.

These pages mainly focused on key features that were being offered, that had interest as indicated by search volume but were not being targeted by the brand.

This activity started in June 2022 and the impact that this had could start to be seen in August of the same year.


Content Build: A second stream of work focused on rapidly building out top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) content to build brand awareness and enable customer nurturing.

The brand at the time had a very limited resource section on the website and had no real focus. We came in with the aim of building a resource for users to engage with and to position the brand as an authority within their market.

This led to us creating ~25,000 words of content every month from July 2023 onwards focused on those educational and informative terms at the top of the funnel.


Link Acquisition: We knew we had to close the gap with competitors in our link profile, so we supported our content production with a targeted link acquisition campaign.

Links get a bad rep, but they are still required to rank for those highly competitive terms we are targeting.

Using a range of tactics, we focused on acquiring 4 – 8 links per month to the new educational content that we had been producing enabling us to supercharge the growth and visibility across key markets.

The results

Within four months, we saw growth in visibility, followed by organic traffic and, most importantly SQLs. ????

Our strategy focused on the 20% that matters, removing all the chaos the other 80% brings to deliver results that enable further growth.

Essentially, we made the complex simple.

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