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Finally, an Oxford PPC agency that is focused on generating clicks that turn into sales!
+ Improve your Ads to drive qualified traffic.
+ Decrease CPAs so you are paying less per conversion.
+ Earn more money through a targeted PPC campaign.

PPC offers control, scalability and immediacy that you just can’t get with organic search. This means instant presence where it matters, driving the right users to your site where we’ll help them convert.

We deliver measurable growth or work for free.

Nobody is perfect, but we’re pretty close. Over the past 12 months, we’ve achieved >95% of our client objectives! We’re so confident in our approach, we’ve created a performance based model - so when you win, we win too.

Want proof? Get in touch for a free 30-minute strategy call with one of our experts!

Growing businesses like yours through highly effective PPC campaigns

Understanding your Oxfordshire business model, budget and objectives is essential to our PPC campaign.

Countless businesses across Oxfordshire have used our PPC services to drive growth. See how our Oxford PPC agency can help you.


Making your existing campaigns work harder and generate the leads and sales you need to succeed. Our strategic & data-led optimisations focus on delivering more conversions at a lower cost per acquisition.

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Starting from scratch, we will translate your business goals into high performing Google Ads campaigns. We match your target audience and their needs to keywords, optimised messaging and compelling landing pages.

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Short-term campaigns or fixed budget projects designed to give your business a boost exactly when you need it; whether that’s for a product launch, a key sales period or to support a wider marketing campaign.

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Matching Ad Options to Your Audience

Google Ads is more than the ads in the search results; it offers multiple ad style options, and we’re experts at knowing what to use them for and when to maximise your returns.

Your campaigns will use the right ad types to target people throughout your sales funnel; whether you want to increase brand awareness with Display and YouTube ads, target users with high buying intent via Search ads, sell more products via Shopping ads, or increase brand interactions and conversions via remarketing.

Our PPC framework that delivers returns

There are a lot of factors that go into creating the optimal paid media campaign regardless of the platform being managed. We’re able to deliver the highest quality PPC service to our oxford based clients due to our tried and tested framework allowing us to be extremely efficient.


Quick-Win Analysis

Using data points from your Google Ads to benchmark the current performance and to design the strategy. This also highlights quick-win areas for an immediate increase in returns.


Analytics Review

A deep dive into current site performance, highlighting critical site sections, conversion paths/user journeys, and opportunities. This informs the Google Ads strategy and keyword areas.

KPI Setting

Working with you to understand the economics of your business, your targets and challenges, to turn your business goals into clear, measurable Google Ad campaign KPIs.

Kickoff Meeting

Your opportunity to meet the team and ask questions, and our opportunity to share with you data and insights from our Discovery phase and map out the strategy for the next phases.

Landing Page Audit

A full assessment of landing page performance, identifying any weaknesses in the user journey from ad click to conversion. We focus on key recommendations to increase conversion rates.

Ad Audit

Ad messaging needs to engage your target audience, pre-qualify traffic and win a user's click. So we conduct a data-led manual review of your ads, identifying what works and what doesn’t.


Keyword Audit

Keywords are the basis of Google Ads, and it’s critical that they match the user intent at the right part of the sales funnel. We go past click data and focus on what drives leads and sales.

Spend Review

Spending budget at the right time dramatically impacts your returns; potentially driving substantially higher returns for the same spend. We’ll identify what to spend and when to drive the best returns.

Keyword Research

Based on your audiences, funnels, and site, as well as competitor research and premium tools, we identify the most valuable keywords to bid against to drive you new business.


Structure & Settings

Account structure impacts overall performance, as well as the time taken to manage the account. We create optimised structures to maximise performance and minimise wasted management time.


Ad Creation

Without compelling ads, your target audience won’t click. We create clear, engaging ad copy to prequalify users before they click, driving the highest quality traffic to your site, maximising account returns.

Landing Page Creation

Don’t waste budget by sending users on unoptimised landing pages. Our experienced team use specialist tools to implement high converting landing pages. 

New Ad Types

We move beyond standard ads and basic tactics to create multi-touch campaigns, using the best ad options for each stage of conversion funnel to maximise returns from your ad spend.


Keyword Expansion

Our team are experts at identifying new keyword opportunities to reach more of your key markets, increase your market share, and to provide ongoing business growth.

Audience Expansion

Keywords is only one targeting lever. We identify other targeting options, like new locations, demographics, and scheduling to reach more of your target audience and fuel your growth.

Landing Page Optimisation

Increasing traffic is pointless if it doesn’t convert. Constant testing and improvement of existing pages, as well as the introduction of new landing pages is the key to continued growth.

Conversion Tracking

Being able to demonstrate the impact of campaigns and understand the channels driving performance is vital. We’ll work with you to track conversions and match it to your qualified leads & sales.


Live Dashboards

Get real-time updates on all your KPIs in one place, with a fully customised dashboard. You’ll always understand the impact we have and have all the data at your fingertips.


Data Analysis

Data without context or recommendations provides little value and can be misleading. All data we share is reviewed by an experienced team member, who will provide you actionable insights.

Strategy Update

Your Google Ads campaign and strategy will be under constant review, with our team identifying where to reinvest and what to pull back on. PPC doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. 

Did we mention our paid media services get results!

Why use our Oxford PPC services?

Strategically-led PPC campaigns

Some agencies will provide you with a list of tactics and claim this to be the strategy. Our Oxford PPC agency uses a framework to ensure that once we get to know you and conduct our initial research, we create a comprehensive strategy aimed at achieving your goals.

Automated data collection, manual implementation.

Whilst data is a huge part of paid media, it needs to be interpreted and strategies created based on the information. That is why we don’t use scripts to automate the doing unless it has been tried and tested. No more wasting spend because it is running in the middle of the night.

Next level communication

Communication should turbo-charge a project, not hold it back. Regular project updates, task level communication, calls, meetings and video summaries all come as standard.

Our PPC clients get great results consistently!

It’s hard to find a trustworthy PPC agency in Oxfordshire – we’re still in business because of our ability to consistently deliver on the promises we make to our clients

Why use our SEO services?

You don’t pay for stuff you don’t need

Our process is stream-lined and focuses entirely on activity which will deliver returns. Every deliverable has a purpose or we don’t do it.

Transparency, experience & clarity

SEO is not a dark art, it’s science, data and creativity. You’ll get a clear what, why and when from our experienced team, and never a “it depends”.

Next level communication

Communication should turbo-charge a project, not hold it back. Regular project updates, task level communication, calls, meetings and video summaries all come as standard.

We get results or we work for free

We’re so confident that we can deliver results, if we don’t then we take responsibility for getting the project back on track. 100% accountability, not excuses.

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FAQ's about our Oxford PPC services

How soon can we start?

Right away! Give us a call on 01865 952 671

How often do I get updates?

We use a project management system which means you get constant communication.

Will you use my current paid media account or a new one?

It’s up to you, but we’d prefer to use your current one.

How much does it cost?

The cost is related to your current situation and your goals. It’s always fair and transparent.

You mentioned contracts. Do you require one?

Only a 3 month one, then it’s a rolling 3 months afterwards.

Anyway I can follow along with progress?

Absolutely. You’re the admin on all PPC accounts and you have access to our project management software. Nothing is hidden.

What does your reporting look like?

You’ll get a custom dashboard with all your PPC channels that is updated in real-time, 24/7.

What type of ad spends do you work with?

The range usually falls anywhere between £3,000 – £500,000+/month.