How we boosted Veolia’s PPC performance to nearly quadruple their number of leads

Project highlights

in leads
in qualified traffic
reduction in CPA

The Brief

After starting an SEO project with us in October 2017, Veolia came to us a couple of weeks later to ask if we could also improve the performance of their Adwords Account, whilst maintaining their existing, monthly budget.

Working within the limits of their existing media spend, we were tasked with increasing the number of leads attributed to paid media and reducing their average CPA (Cost per Acquisition) compared with the same time period the previous year.

The Challenge

Veolia’s existing AdWords account hadn’t been set up properly and needed complete restructuring to ensure the account was consistent and operating as effectively as possible.

We could also see that the terms that Veolia had been actively targeting were set very broad, with no exact matches set. This meant they had been wasting a lot of media spend on irrelevant searches, targeting users who were unlikely to click on the ads, let alone convert into leads.

Our review of Veolia’s new website also showed that conversions were not tracking accurately, so we knew we had to implement proper tracking across the site to be able to accurately measure our ROI.

The results

Since taking over the management of Veolia’s paid media we’ve seen a huge, 273% increase in leads generated through PPC, without increasing their monthly media spend.

Instead of just focusing on driving more traffic to the site from PPC, our approach has ensured that our campaigns are only targeting and bringing the right kind of users to the site, ones far more likely to engage and convert.

The benefits of this are clear when you compare the 79% increase of paid traffic coming to the site, with the conversion rate increase of 950% we achieved over the same time period, year-on-year.

Improving our targeting and increasing the quality of Veolia’s ads and landing pages has increased their CTR by 26%, and reduced Veolia’s CPA by a whopping 93%.

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