Best ChatGPT Plugins: How To Make Your SEO & PPC Campaigns More Efficient

Daniel Bianchini // Co-founder

Since ChatGPT became a household name, the approach to using AI has changed, with marketers looking at how it can improve processes and help them work more efficiently.

Using ChatGPT plugins you can automate tasks, improve targeting, and improve campaign performance for better ROI.

It’s just about knowing how to use them effectively to see a measurable increase in performance metrics.

Understanding ChatGPT Plugins for SEO & PPC

ChatGPT plugins are AI-driven tools that use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to assist marketers in various aspects of SEO and PPC management.

They do not remove the need for a marketer with experience. Instead, AI streamlines projects, allowing teams to spend more time and energy on important tasks.

Using ChatGPT plugins for SEO you can generate new content ideas for topic clusters, ask for keyword research inspiration and long-tail keyword ideas for further investigation, and use it to refine existing content.

ChatGPT plugins can also provide assistance with on-page SEO such as headings, meta tags and content structure to improve the chances of increasing a page’s ranking.

Using ChatGPT plugins for PPC can help in refining messaging and targeting and provide further insights on how to structure the PPC campaign. Using NLP, it can evaluate the type of messaging that has been most successful previously, and suggest improvements that resonate with the specific target audience.

ChatGPT PPC plugins can also provide insights into bidding strategies and recommend effective budget allocations to maximise your ROI and ad spend.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT Plugins in Campaigns

In some circles, AI and ChatGPT have become dirty words, and it’s understandable why.

People fear its impact on the job market and their own value.

But AI is an incredible tool that supports marketers, not erases them.

It cuts through the noise, allowing the marketing team to expend their energy on valuable activities that make impactful changes and increase revenue.

The best ChatGPT plugins save time

Routine, more administrative parts of SEO, like keyword research, content generation and ad copywriting can be supported by ChatGPT plugins, leaving your team more time to focus on honing strategy.

This increases efficiency and ensures time-consuming marketing tasks are delivered consistently, and faster than a human, overall increasing productivity.

Enhanced targeting with ChatGPT plugins

ChatGPT plugins have access to AI insights that are used to refine audience segmentation in PPC campaigns, improve keyword targeting and maximise ad relevance.

That’s because AI can analyse huge datasets and historical campaign data in seconds to identify trends and patterns for niche, accurate targeting.

This is something that’s just impossible for a human being, and provides actionable insights for marketers to adjust their strategy and planning for better ROAS (return on ad spend).

Improved content quality using ChatGPT plugins

ChatGPT can’t write your content for you, but it can improve what you have, or alternatively, provide a jumping off point.

It can inform the style of messaging to use for the target audience and help generate SEO-friendly, engaging content that drives better organic search results.

5 Best ChatGPT Plugins for SEO & PPC

The more advanced ChatGPT plugins and features are only available on ChatGPT Plus, the paid version of the AI tool, however, they may offer some basic options on the free tool.

Luckily, as ChatGPT has now opened up 4.0 on a limited basis to all users, there is restricted daily use of these plugins.

Here are 5 of the best ChatGPT plugins for SEO and PPC we couldn’t live without.

1. SEO Assistant

SEO Assistant by combines helpful information, tips and tricks with a plethora of keyword suggestions for any subject.

Say you wanted to look for keyword ideas for an article titled “How to Improve PPC Ads”. SEO Assistant will provide keyword suggestions broken down into primary, long-tails, related and variations.

This not only gives the keywords themselves, but with the different suggestions provides insight into how to effectively structure the content itself to maximise page views.


SEO Core AI (as it’s best known), by SEOvendor is a free SEO ChatGPT plugin that can analyse a whole site’s SEO and provide suggestions for keyword and content optimisation.

SEO Core AI connects with its own AI to enhance machine learning and ensure information is accurate.

Using it can help increase conversions and improves rankings with high-quality generated content as its ability to use live data means it’s always fully up-to-date.

It can analyse all the different aspects of SEO including:

  • Specific URL or whole website analysis including meta tags, page titles, content structure and other optimisations
  • Keyword analysis with information about ranking websites and insights into their strategies
  • Technical SEO including page speed loading times, SSL checks, robot and sitemap checks
  • Competitor analysis comparing the SEO of different sites, including their strengths, weaknesses, and best optimisations
  • Content optimisation including keywords, content structure, and internal linking opportunities
  • Local SEO suggestions

With a useful list of 101 SEO Core AI prompts to help, the plugin provides a roadmap for strategy building and future PPC campaigns, as well as pointing out easy areas to improve on missed optimisation opportunities.

3. PPC Ads Virtual Assistant

Adzviser’s PPC Ads Virtual Assistant asks for access to your Google Ads account in order to analyse your existing PPC campaigns and provide data-driven information. This particularly clever ChatGPT plugin connects your data sources and can tell you your ad spend, and provide detailed visual reports and comprehensive audits of your PPC ads.

This means no more hours spent exporting data points and turning them into visuals, the PPC Ads Virtual Assistant does all that for you.

It can pull information from anywhere in your ads system, completing calculations for metrics across specific ads or ad groups.

Its companion ChatGPT plugin PPC Ads Competitive Intelligence can give summaries and information on competitor’s ad campaigns, providing invaluable insights into what is and isn’t working, and potential market gaps to exploit.

4. Bramework

Bramework’s ChatGPT plugin uses real-time data analysis, AI powered insights and SEO health evaluations to supercharge blog posts.

It provides information on search volumes topics related to your keyword and how viable it is to rank for them, including other keyword suggestions, SERP analysis and how to optimise existing content.

Based off your existing content, Bramework can also suggest future topics, and SEO strategies and convert other types of content like videos into blog posts quickly and easily.

This allows marketers to build a strategy based off viable topics that there’s a high chance of ranking for, increasing the businesses overall visibility.

5. Speedy Marketing

Speedy Marketing by is a ChatGPT plugin for e-commerce businesses. It’s particularly effective at creating personalised blogs for your site, in your own tone of voice.

It does this by analysing the website URL to see what products are available, the brand ethos and overall language. From there ChatGPT prompts like “Create a SEO blog post to promote [product]” will produce a promotional, narrative article using keywords.

How to Use ChatGPT Plugins in Your Campaigns

Integrating ChatGPT plugins for SEO and PPC into your campaigns enhances existing marketing efforts, streamlines tasks and provides invaluable insights to refine and improve strategies and targeting.

In order to use ChatGPT plugins however, you do require a paid account for full access. At the free level, limited use is available.

How to install ChatGPT plugins

To install ChatGPT plugins, follow these steps within the platform:

  • Click the profile option in the bottom left corner
  • Choose “Settings & Beta”
  • Under “Settings”, choose the “Beta features” tab
  • Check Plugins is switched to “on”

From there, you can access the plugin store from the top left dropdown menu on ChatGPT and search for any desired plugin and install it.

How to integrate ChatGPT plugins into your site

ChatGPT doesn’t need to just be used on its own platform, it can be integrated into your site using API keys, found in the main menu.

From there you need:

  • Knowledge of server-side integration
  • Secure data transmission between your website and ChatGPT
  • To create a frontend interface
  • Test the integration

Marketing platforms usually offer a place to add new API keys where you can add any ChatGPT integration.

Practical uses for ChatGPT plugins

We’ve already covered some of the ways to use ChatGPT plugins to enhance SEO and PPC efforts, but let’s look more closely at exactly how to practically apply ChatGPT into daily work.

Content creation

ChatGPT’s keyword analysis and optimisation plugins provide a solid basis for content creation. Using AI tools like Bramework, for example, will not only produce an SEO structure but create content outlines, briefs and even full articles based on relevant topics and keywords.

This is instrumental for struggling content writers who can use this to support their existing writing, or provide a really solid foundation to improve and humanise themselves. No AI content should just be posted without human input.

Ad optimisation

PPC plugins can analyse both your ads and competitors to provide copy variations based off existing content. This allows you to hone in on specific audience segments without doing the manual labour of minimal changes across multiple ads.

Using ChatGPT makes it easier to experiment with different CTAs (call-to-actions), messaging and target audiences so as to improve
clickthrough rates. AI can track hundreds of datasets to provide optimised suggestions on how to target ads for better ROI.

Keyword refinement

For keyword ideas, variations and long-tails, ChatGPT can provide a solid list of suggestions.

Then, using keyword tools or ChatGPT plugins like SEO Assistant, you can look further into the viability of ranking for those keywords and improving organic traffic.

Maximising ROI with ChatGPT Plugins

Beyond their initial use case, AI is a tricky subject.

Many people are wary of its use, implications and morality. But there are plenty of ways to ethically and responsibly harness the power of AI to improve ROI.

AI-generated recommendations are extremely useful and give humans a jumping off point for strategising, idea compilation and general improvements.

The mistake is using them to real intimate human knowledge. Use it to augment and validate decisions, not replace decision-makers.

Continual monitoring

As with any PPC campaign or SEO strategy, you should continually monitor key metrics to inform decision making.

Inputting this information into ChatGPT will help it identify areas for improvement and provide new parameters for testing.

Iteration and testing

You can use AI suggestions as tests across different audience segments and channels; something particularly useful in PPC advertising.

Analysing those results lets marketers refine their approach based on the data and campaign outcomes.

Data-driven decision-making

Track KPIs more easily and feed them into your ChatGPT plugins so it can provide measurable suggestions and actionable insights to refine future campaigns and ideas.

Asking for quick analysis points on real-time metrics allows you to make decisions efficiently and easily for a better ROI.

Future Trends in AI-Powered Campaign Management

It’s impossible to see the full trajectory of AI because it’s already capable of performing tasks we didn’t think possible a few years ago.

But major platforms like Google are working on the next stages including tools like voice search optimisation, predictive analytics, generative AI and personalised advertising.

The future of AI and digital marketing is together, so the earlier you can adopt AI practices to support existing marketing efforts, the more prepared you’ll be for new shifts in the industry.

There’ll be more and more automation options that will allow for greater campaign optimisations across all spheres of digital marketing and predictive analytics will track trends and patterns closely to inform choices.

Conclusion: Unlocking Efficiency with ChatGPT Plugins

Embracing the power of ChatGPT plugins and AI for PPC and SEO is a must moving forward.

Without using them to your advantage, your business runs the risk of being left behind the curve.

No human being can perform the analysis levels AI is capable of, nor can they come up with a plethora of suggestions in seconds.

It simply isn’t possible.

That doesn’t mean humans don’t remain a necessity in the marketing process, but that they should be utilising ChatGPT to streamline their processes, obtain actionable insights and improve campaign performance for better ROI.

Daniel Bianchini // Co-founder

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