Harlestone Supplies

Website Migration Drove 20% Increase in Organic visibility

Project Highlights

Organic Visibility
Page one visibility
target terms rankings 1-3

The brief

Wooden Supplies (Harlestone Supplies) is a timber merchant based in Northamptonshire traditionally servicing the local area and surrounding counties as an offline business.

However, with the impact of COVID causing their yard to close, they needed to push their limited online presence with a heavy focus on search marketing.

Since working with us, we have been able to increase their organic visibility on page one leading to a huge increase in organic revenue year on year in the first six months.

The Challenge

Any type of website migration poses a concern, especially when you are brought into the process late in the project. We highlighted these concerns at the start of the project to manage expectations and the potential risk of moving during this time.

Once we were given the go-ahead, we started to work through our migration framework that involved Preparation, Launch, and Review. Each phase consisted of a number of tasks that are critical to the success of any migration.

With a clear migration plan, the activity was carried out swiftly resulting in the switch happening seamlessly on a pre-arranged date. Beyond the post-launch checks that we carried out, our ongoing monitoring showed small fluctuations, but mainly positive movement.

Once the new site was launched, our focus switched to increasing traffic and revenue from organic traffic. The first phase of this was to work with the pre-existing assets that were available to us and rank on page 2 and beyond.

We focused on improving their on-page focus, tightening up their keyword targeting, and adding in extra terms that further analysis suggested would be suitable. Working through the website with this strategy has seen some fantastic results in the first six months.

The results

Since the migration to WordPress and ongoing optimisation of the website, Wooden Supplies have not only maintained their organic presence but soared!

Since the launch, we have overseen a 12% increase in the number of total terms that Wooden Supplies are visible for in Google UK, with page one visibility increasing by 20%.

Not only have we managed to increase page one rankings for Wooden Supplies, but this has also resulted in a 16% increase in the number of terms ranking in positions 1-3.

Subsequently, the increase in visibility has led to an increase in organic traffic, transaction, and revenue to make this a record year for online sales.

In the six months since starting to work with Wooden Supplies, we have seen a year-on-year increase in organic traffic of 143%, organic transactions of 192%, and Revenue of 142%.

The best part of this project is it’s just the start and we expect much more in the coming months and years working with Wooden Supplies.

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