How we revamped Annie Sloan’s PPC campaigns — increasing onsite purchases by 400% and driving footfall to local stores.

Project highlights

Increase in sales via Paid Media
Reduction in CPA across the board
Purchase or visit stockists

The Brief

Off the back of an SEO audit which one of our co-founders had completed for Annie Sloan, the Annie Sloan marketing team asked us to take on all of the site’s paid advertising activity which had previously been managed in house.

Our brief was two-fold: We needed to ensure Annie Sloan was seen supporting local stockists, so our main goal with PPC was driving footfall to local stores where customers could browse and purchase paints.

Alongside this, we wanted to make it easy for users in the UK and France to buy products directly from the Annie Sloan site, especially for consumers without easy access to stockists.

The Challenge

Due to complications with their Magento site, we couldn’t implement eCommerce tracking on the Annie Sloan website, which meant we aren’t able to capture or accurately attribute transaction data. This limitation put us under increased pressure to implement and improve conversion tracking by setting up specific goals in Analytics.

Also making things a little more challenging was the fact that the Annie Sloan eCommerce store was only accessible to users in the UK and France, with users in other areas being prompted to find local stockists instead of being able to directly purchase an item. This meant that messaging and goals on the site and across ads needed to differ depending on which country the user was searching from.

The results

Our tailored approach to target users in different regions has also meant we’ve been better able to set users’ expectations and drive more engaged traffic.

We’ve achieved a 400% increase in purchases from PPC compared to before we started managing the account, and 45% of all PPC users either add a product to their cart, make a purchase, or search for a local stockist. Our AdWords campaigns have seen CTR increase 47%, and we’ve reduced Annie Sloan’s CPA by 96%.

Onsite, we’ve achieved a 71% increase in total sessions driven from Paid Search compared with the previous period. We’ve also seen the bounce rate of PPC traffic decrease by 41%, pages per session increase by 49%, and session duration increase by 17%.

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