4 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional SEO Services

Have you ever wondered whether hiring an agency for professional SEO services is worth it? Maybe you figure those functions can be handled in-house, or you’re not sure how much additional value SEO professionals can bring to the table.

Either way, we can all agree on one thing: it’s essential for a business to have a strong digital presence if it’s going to be competitive in today’s market.

What’s more, content marketing and SEO are a long-term game. Depending on the competition in your space, it usually takes at least 30 days to start seeing results, and closer to six months for significant organic traffic growth.

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On top of that, results tend to build on themselves: the more effective your SEO efforts are today, the more SEO opportunities open up tomorrow!

Achieving that momentum makes it worthwhile to hire a firm with the expertise and track record to support your business goals. Let’s dig a little deeper into what you get with an SEO agency.

Here are the top 4 reasons why your business needs professional SEO services.

Reason #1: Tap into Professional Expertise

The internet is a great equaliser, allowing up-and-coming companies to disrupt entire industries with savvy marketing. But that’s only possible when you have the expertise to take full advantage of online marketing channels.

At Common Ground, we were able to give one client a 150% increase in year-on-year organic search traffic. The company wasn’t well-known at the start, but through our SEO efforts, they were able to see trial signups from organic search increase a staggering 53%.

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These are the kinds of numbers you can get excited about! They’re possible when you work with professional SEO services that parlay decades of experience into results. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge of this constantly-changing industry – plus the sophisticated tools and technical SEO know-how to support your business goals – then it’s well worth it to partner with an agency that does.

Reason #2: Build Your Reputation

Underneath all of the flashy buzzwords in professional SEO services, there’s something that every business needs: brand visibility.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local business trying to boost footfall or a large enterprise in need of more website visitors – visibility is everything.

A comprehensive SEO strategy will help you get found more easily online, but beyond that, a professional agency has the connections and expertise to help you get links and content placement across the web.

Digital PR and outreach has the dual benefit of giving your brand more love from Google, while also adding new paths for potential leads and customers to find you online. Plus, it’s a great credibility boost when your content is published on third-party sites and platforms!

Reason #3: Access Reliable Data and Analytics

One of the biggest differences between someone dabbling in SEO and a professional SEO service is the caliber of data involved.

There are countless expensive tools that provide accurate data on everything from traffic to rankings to link profiles – tools that a casual marketer can’t justify paying for, but that can make all the difference in business success.

A key by-product of quality SEO work is the wealth of data that you get, such as:

  • Traffic by channel
  • Rankings by keyword
  • Conversion rates
  • Goal completions
  • Page speed insights

Regardless of the software used, a good SEO agency can provide much-needed context to all of the numbers you’re tracking. Even better, data in these campaigns can filter back to other aspects of your marketing and sales.

For example, if one organic keyword has been hot lately, it might be worth tipping off your business development reps that many prospects are interested in that topic. Getting access to quality data – and a thorough understanding of the metrics – is invaluable for any company.

Reason #4: Take Back Your Time

As important as it is to see great results from your SEO, it’s equally as valuable to have your time freed up to focus on other tasks. With the right SEO partner, your team doesn’t have to worry about the minutiae of technical SEO, website optimisation, content creation, or digital outreach.

If you could snap your fingers and completely hand off your website, content, and social media marketing to a trusted partner, what would you and your in-house team be able to do with all that additional time?

The reality is, many aspects of SEO are time-consuming, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. It’s also important to match tasks to the skillset of your team – if your team doesn’t happen to include a lot of SEO experts, they may be wasting a lot of valuable time trying to learn it and end up spinning their wheels.

When you work with a quality SEO agency, you can devote your time to other important pursuits, such as business development, customer support, branding, and accounting.

Professional SEO Services Wrap-up

With these reasons in mind, is it worth hiring an agency for professional SEO services? If you’re excited to take back your time and see tangible results from your SEO, we hope you’ll consider working with Common Ground.

At Common Ground, we have helped businesses just like yours achieve phenomenal SEO success, boosting their overall organic traffic and total enquiries. We tailor each campaign to the client’s needs – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here.

Whether you need a one-time audit or ongoing SEO services, we’re here to help support your business goals!

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