The Best Marketing Strategies for your Virtual Office

Virtual offices have experienced a surge in demand over the past year – especially with many businesses being forced to adapt and move to a remote-first model.

Yet, it doesn’t look like remote working will be slowing down any time soon. In fact, it has been revealed in a survey by Gartner CFO that 74% of organisations plan to permanently move to a remote work model.

This surge in demand for virtual offices means there will likely also be a surge in competition. Standing out from the virtual crowd has never been so important as it is today.

With so many companies opting for remote or hybrid work options, virtual offices have almost become a necessity in 2021. They allow businesses to access the benefits of a physical office without the overheads related to paying for a physical space.

The best marketing strategies for your virtual office

You know the benefits of a virtual office – but do you know how to communicate these benefits with your target audience?

And do you know how to make sure your virtual office stands out from the crowd?

Promoting your virtual office isn’t as easy as it is to market a brick-and-mortar space. You don’t have a physical location to advertise to local businesses and the internet is a vast space. But you can use that to your advantage!

Open up the door to new opportunities and clients by taking note of these key marketing strategies for virtual offices…

Reach people in the right place, at the right time with paid marketing

Without a physical location, you might wonder who you should be targeting. But this is, in part, the beauty of having an online business. It means you are able to target a wider pool of potential customers.

The online nature of your business presents you with the opportunity to target remote-first businesses across the globe. As part of your paid marketing strategy, you should consider using LinkedIn advertising to target these remote-first organisations.

LinkedIn is a great paid social media tool that enables you to target the right people (by niching down by job title, industry, and company) in the right place (a social media platform for professionals).

Along with LinkedIn, you will also want to make sure you are using Google Ads as part of the Paid Media strategy for your virtual office. Developing a targeted Google Ads strategy can help you increase website traffic and generate more leads – making sure all the virtual desks at your office are full.

A quick Google search for the term “virtual office” displays 2,170,000,000 results, with the first page of search results being inundated with Ads. If you aren’t already advertising your virtual office through Google Ads, then you could be missing out on some lucrative business.

Paid marketing has a bigger reach than organic marketing which makes for more conversions. But you need to be wise with it – don’t just spend the money and click a button.

Be strategic and get specific with your paid advertising campaigns and objectives.

When developing a paid advertising campaign for your virtual office, begin by working out your advertising objectives. Make sure you also take time to consider who you want to target – are you hoping to retarget people who have visited your site before without enquiring or signing up or do you want to reach new potential customers?

From here, create a tailored ad that has been created with your ad objective and audience in mind. Next, it’s a case of publishing your ad, monitoring the results, and making improvements for the future.

If you want to make sure you get the most out of your paid campaigns, our team at Common Ground will help you get more conversions at a lower CPC (cost-per-click) with our targeted PPC services for businesses.

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Engage your audience with valuable on-site content

Great on-site content is a must – think articles, how-to posts, videos, and guest blogs from businesses that use your service. All of this content helps you build a website that is SEO-friendly, meaning you can reach even more people searching for the things you offer.

Using your on-site content to rank organically is really important, especially as you don’t have a physical location to rank for.

Reaching an audience is one thing, but you need to engage them. When planning what content to write for your virtual office, take time to think about what your audience wants to know and what their business pain points may be.

The content on your site needs to be well researched, well written, informative, entertaining, and accessible. Not only is this great for your SEO strategy, because Google gives more search visibility to quality content which means more traffic, it also makes sure you are providing valuable content for your audience… which will keep them coming back for more and encourage them to sign up.

By writing quality content, you can become a voice of authority in the virtual office industry by being a trusted source of information on all things remote work and virtual workspaces.

Engaging and entertaining your audience is a sure-fire way to be the one at the top of business leaders’ minds when they are looking for a virtual office!

By being the go-to in terms of virtual office industry know-how, people are more likely to link to your site too. This means you can start building backlinks, which is brilliant for SEO. These things all complement each other in terms of creating a marketing strategy that really works! Any on-site content can be repurposed for ads, social media and email marketing so it definitely pays to create great content for your website…

Our SEO specialists at Common Ground can help you maximise your organic search rankings and drive your business forward. We were able to work with B2B client Saracen Interiors to transform their SEO strategy – now, half of all of their leads come directly through SEO!

Capture positive reviews for your virtual office

Good reviews are beneficial in multiple ways. So, if you’ve been sleeping on the power of positive reviews, it’s time to wake up.

Word of mouth remains one of the best marketing forms there is, and positive reviews show that your virtual office is the place to be.

Research by BrightLocal found that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. This statistic alone should show you how important positive reviews can be for your business.

Reviews add to the overall user experience for people researching your business by helping them to feel that they are connected with other people. As a result, positive online reviews can have a ripple effect, encouraging more people to try your virtual office services.

As an online-only business, you aren’t able to use Google My Business for reviews unless you have a physical location you can use as your base or a particular service area that you serve.

However, if you do run solely online, there are other platforms that allow customers to give feedback on their experience with you and your services. From Feefo to TrustPilot, there are many online review platforms you can use to promote the great things people are saying about your virtual office.

Be sure to add testimonials or a review page to your website to give you another way to showcase the positive reviews you have captured so far. These can then be used in your wider marketing activity including organic social media and email marketing.

One final thing to note about online reviews is that reviews are an SEO ranking signal for the authority and trustworthiness of your organisation. So, even if you aren’t able to use Google My Business for reviews, you can still reap the organic search benefits of increased visibility, brand credibility, and website traffic from having review listings on other platforms.

Marketing for virtual offices: in conclusion

These three tactics – using paid marketing, creating brilliant on-site content, and generating positive reviews – work together to create a solid overall marketing strategy for your virtual office.

As an online-only business, it is important that you have a marketing strategy that is focused on increasing your online presence and generating leads. After all, your number one priority will be getting more customers.

If you want help devising a marketing strategy that will increase visibility, leads, and ultimately, revenue for your virtual office, we are here to help. Get in touch to find out how we can help you take your virtual office to the next level.

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