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Fuelling growth for SaaS psychometric assessment platform provider, Thomas International, by maximising their visibility and doubling their organic leads in 12 months.

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The brief

Having successfully consulted with Thomas on their content strategy and supported a new site launch, they challenged us to support their company growth within a competitive market with established competitors, by significantly increasing the number of organic inbound leads.

Based on a clear understanding of their conversion funnel and the market, we broke down the overall objective into three measurable KPIs; rankings for agreed terms, growth in organic sessions, and increasing site conversions.

The Challenge

While the site converted well, the project had three main barriers to success. The first is that Thomas operates in a mature market with some well-known and established competitors, as well as competing for keywords with sites outside of their traditional competitor set.

Secondly, while the site had strong service page content, it was short on supporting informational content to reinforce its expertise to users and Google.

And finally, Thomas had limited internal resources for site development and content creation.

Our approach addressed all three of these areas.

We were able to use the established market to Thomas’ benefit, using competitor and market research to identify effective tactics and content, as well as high-value keywords, and link opportunities; allowing us to quickly close the gap and increase market share.

Following on from this, we combined high-impact technical improvements (such as addressing Core Web Vitals issues), with content creation to match user and search intent at different stages of the sales funnel and targeted link building; allowing us to build authority and relevancy.

By focusing on quality over quantity in all areas, we have been able to maximise returns for Thomas without monopolising their internal resources.

Our technical recommendations considered the resource cost/benefit rather than blindly following SEO tick boxes.

We further supported Thomas with their content creation, providing detailed briefs and feedback, in addition to using our own expert copywriters, while also driving significant additional performance from existing content by updating and combining it into more effective pieces.

Finally, rather than a mass link-building approach, we created the exact amount of links required, from the right sites, to specific pages, to allow their content to rank.

The results

Through the introduction of high-quality resources and optimisation of existing service pages, in 12 months we dramatically increased the overall visibility of the Thomas site.

Not only were we able to increase the number of terms ranking by 200%, but we also delivered first page rankings for their high-priority commercial terms.

This increase in visibility directly led to an 89% increase in highly engaged and relevant organic traffic, which in turn more than doubled the number of organic conversions throughout their conversion funnel, helping to support their growth targets.

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