How we increased The Experience St Andrews organic leads by 61%.

Project highlights

in organic leads
in YoY organic traffic
in market share

The Brief

The Experience St Andrews asked us to deliver an increase in leads through organic search to enable their business to continue growing.

Our aim was to increase organic traffic by 25% leading to an increase in organic leads of 20% year on year.

The Challenge

The Experience St Andrews team were small which meant limited resources to support the necessary amendments. This was coupled with a website that was not necessarily inline with the vision of the company or the time it was operating in.

The results

Despite the challenges that we faced, we managed to smash both of the targets that were set. This lead to an increase in organic traffic of 55% year on year, far surpassing the number set.

The uplift in organic traffic lead to organic growth with an increase of organic leads by a huge 61%. This growth drove hundreds of new enquiries to the The Experience St Andrews team.

This was made possible by significant improvements made to the visibility of the website across the board, leading to an increase in visibility of 37%.

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