Pushing the boundaries on the Customer Thermometer SEO campaign through further organic search.

Project highlights

in organic leads
in YoY organic traffic
in US market share

The Brief

Having worked with Customer Thermometer for the past 24 months, we were tasked with continuing to drive organic traffic and leads to the website with a specific focus on the US market.

With a growing internal team, we were to work strategically with the CEO providing analysis and direction of the organic program.

The Challenge

Having made significant progress since working with Customer Thermometer, we wanted to ensure that we could progress at the same rate. After a review of the current performance and analysis of the market, we were confident that we could push on, generating more leads.

The results

Through the publication of targeted content, alongside technical updates and the owner led PR activity, we have managed to significantly increase performance yet again.

Year to date (Jan 1st 2019), we have managed to increased organic revenue by 44% year on year. This increase has been generated through our content plan leading to an increase in organic visibility across the US by 55%.

Most importantly however, we have managed to increase organic leads by 14% year-on-year, which is supporting the business objectives for the current finanical year.

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