Alfresco™ delivers innovative content management solutions that connect, manage and protect its users important information – whether the employees work from home or in the office. They are leaders in their industry and while working with us, they were able to increase their paid traffic conversion rate by 162% whilst decreasing their cost per conversion by 64%.

Project highlights

reduction in CPA
increase in conversion rate
in click through rate

The Brief

As Alfresco’s business grew and expanded overtime we were tasked to review their current Google Ad strategy and to streamline their ad account to bring them in line with their new vision whilst improving their performance.

A full Google Ad account review was needed, including new ad copy for each campaign and a new account structure. The main focus was on improving the cost per conversion as this was relatively high and increasing over time.

The Challenge

Alfresco’s ad account was very large and previously had a lot of input on how it should be run from lots of different stakeholders. We needed to step back and focus on what campaigns were driving conversions and had the potential to drive conversions in the future and focus on these rather than on campaigns that were there, due to historical reasons.

After undertaking a full ad account review we split the campaigns into the following groups:

Group 1: High converting & low cost per conversion

Group 2: Low converting & low cost per conversion

Group 3: High converting & high cost per conversion

Group 4: Low converting & high cost per conversion

Once we did this we were able to start making changes to the campaigns to improve the overall account’s performance. We focused 75% of the ad spend on group 1 and 2 as these had the lowest cost per conversion and we wanted to make sure they were getting as much traffic as possible, as well as using other techniques to improve conversions. With group 3 we worked on reducing the cost per click and click through rate by optimising the target keywords and with new ad copy to improve the cost per conversion. With group 4 we paused these campaigns.

The results

Since streamlining the Google Ad account we have reduced the cost per conversion from paid traffic by 64%.

By focusing on improving the performance of the campaigns that performed well previously, as well as, optimising the ones that had the potential to succeed, it allowed us to increase the paid traffic conversion rate by a staggering 162% comparing the same quarter year on year.

And, by improving the ad copy, it has led to the click through rate increasing by 105% and the cost per click by 58%.

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